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HP Dental Clinic and Doctors Network Introduce a Direct Dental Plan

 At HP Dental Clinic, we understand that dental insurance is far from simple, and for many people, it’s far from affordable. Despite the Affordable Care Act and efforts to drive down insurance costs, dental coverage has fallen somewhat behind compared to medical insurance, leaving many patients having to pay out-of-pocket for most of their dental care.

The good news is that you now have a third choice—a direct dental plan sponsored by Doctors Network. Our patients in and around Hurst, TX, can now enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that they can afford to take care of their smiles, even if they don’t have adequate dental insurance.

Exceptional Dentistry—Discount Costs

With dental insurance, you pay an often exorbitant premium every month and still may not receive sufficient coverage for necessary care. Even preventive visits can cost more than expected thanks to limited coverage from your insurance company. With HP Dental Clinic’s direct dental plan, you only pay a one-time activation fee and low monthly fee of $34.94, and all of our treatment options and costs are laid out in a fee schedule that never changes.

Attend preventive exam and cleaning appointments for only $25 per visit. Pay up to 80% less for cosmetic and restorative treatments like teeth-whitening, Invisalign® clear aligners, dental fillings, crowns, dental implants, and more! With our direct dental plan, you’ll always know what your dental treatment will cost, and it will always be more affordable and convenient than having to deal with third-party insurance companies.

The Benefits of Our Direct Dental Plan

Health insurance is meant to help you rest easy knowing that your health care is covered should you ever need it. But with dental insurance, thanks to complicated hoops and excessive fees, peace of mind isn’t always an option. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of your dental treatment costs and relieve the stress on your finances.

When you can easily afford routine visits to our Hurst dentist’s office, you’re more likely to make preventive care a priority, which will help you avoid serious dental issues and the need for more expensive dental treatment.

 Sign Up Through Doctors Network, or Call Our Office in Hurst

Dr. Hai Pham and our team at HP Dental Clinic have joined with Doctors Network to make dental care affordable for all of our patients. Everyone qualifies for our direct dental plan, and to sign up, simply visit or call Doctors Network at 1-866-800-3168. Be sure to choose Dr. Pham as your provider.

It is important to note that Doctors Network is not an insurance company, and our direct dental plan is not dental insurance. It should not be considered a replacement for insurance coverage, and it will not negate your current insurance coverage, if applicable.